360 Spin TikTok Tutorial

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Here’s a fun new tutorial that will turn your world upside down. It’s the 360 Spin, a fun way to create an amazing effect, especially if you have a dancing partner in the background. Best of all: no special equipment is required; just your arm and some flexibility. And while I did my Tutorial on TikTok, where the trend is popular, this works for any platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, wherever).

Here’s how you do it.


Click to grab music > @themuthership thanks to my assistant for spicy up the trend 🔥 @investing.adventure #360spin #360transition #tiktoktutorials #tiktoktips #themuthership

♬ original sound – Galaxy💜Kitty

First, you’ll want to select the right song. I used Kesha’s Take It Offwhich most people use when doing the trend. If you want to use another, just make sure there’s a similar beat that can guide you when to make the next turn.

Next, hit the record button for the amount of time you want the video to be.

Then put your phone in the palm of your hand, with the camera facing you, and rotate your arm, so your palm is facing the sky. This way, you’ll be able to rotate the phone without getting stuck.

Before recording, you may want to practice a couple of times with the beat, so you feel comfortable. Of course, if you are recording and it doesn’t work out perfectly, you can delete and try again. If you use Take It Off, sync to where the chorus starts and the beat is consistent. For each beat, turn the phone slightly, so you begin the 360. You should be back (or close enough) to the original vantage point when the song ends.

I definitely recommend you get a partner to join you on screen as well, so it’s twice as fun.

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