A Hot New Trend Knocking on Your Door

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I love the new Door Bang Transition trend as it has endless opportunities for creativity.  The best part about this transition is it’s incredibly simple to do (e.g., no need for timers). Luckily, I have a corner door that makes doing this trick even easier. But since not everyone has that, I will show you how to use it with a door set up that everyone will have.

Like most TikTok trends, this is associated with a specific song, so grab the music I’ve linked in the caption to start the process.


Click to grab the music >> @themuthership #doorbangtransition #tiktoktutorials #tiktoktips #themuthership #tiktokteacher

♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral – WZ Beat


The trend involves you listening at one side of the door to yourself “knocking” on the second side.

So you have to film yourself from two angles (or film you and a partner if you want to do something unique).

First, you start with the “listening.” So hold the record button and make a few mannerisms while you move the phone vantage towards the corner, letting go of record right when you hit the 45 degree angle.

Then you film yourself from the other perspective (as the knocker) starting at the 45-degree angle (so it feels like the camera went through the door to view the other side) slowly rotating to show the person knocking.

You can have a lot of fun with this:

  • Your future or former self showing up at your present self’s door
  • Your “party” self showing up to get your sleepy self out of bed
  • You in your new job introducing him or herself to your present self

It doesn’t even need to be a door for the transition: this is a great one of a pregnant woman being woken up by her baby. Look through the hashtag to find inspiration or do a completely new concept.





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