A Quick Guide to Making Thumbnails

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Thumbnails are a great way to not only show the vibrancies of your TikToks and Instagrams, but also can serve as a good organizational tool for your different types of content. This is especially valuable if you don’t yet have the Creator Playlists, which allows you to move your content into specific playlists (surprisingly, not everyone has it yet). If you don’t know how to create a thumbnail, I show you in the TikTok and in th einstructions found below.



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  1. When you’re on a TikTok, select next and then look to the top right where “select cover” is. That’s your thumbnail.
  2. You can scroll through the frame-by-frame reel to find the image that works best as your thumbnail image. Try t
  3. There are several different text options that you can add to the thumbnail. Different styles can serve as your organizational structure until you get the Creator Playlist functionality.
  4. As you can see from the video above, I use a black background and thick white text to signify my tutorials and usually leave my non-tutorial videos without a big text overlay. But you can play around with what works for you.

That’s it! Want more social media lessons and inspiration? Make sure you sign up for my Creative Forecast and my free live workshops.

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