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We provide the best resources for learning how to create content and navigate social media. From our weekly newsletter, to tutorials and workshops, we are the one-stop-shop for learning anything you need to elevate your social media presence.

A Variety of Ways to Learn


Our step-by-step instructional videos will help you master a variety of content creation techniques. Learn the basics of Instagram and TikTok or take on more challenging lessons like executing flawless transitions, nailing current trends, and perfect duets.

Live Workshops

Free monthly workshops with Helen Polise (aka @themuthership) provide a live hands-on approach to learning social media. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic covered in depth with a Q&A at the end! Attend live and ask your burning questions!


Our first EBook is the perfect resource for those trying to use social media for their small business. In this book, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to create and effective social media strategy, implement a workflow, and more!

Meet Our Founder

Helen Polise aka The Muthership


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Meet Helen Polise, A.K.A the “TikTok Teacher”, aka the kindest and most genuine person you’ll ever meet. Her more than 950,000 followers see and feel that in every piece of content she shares. Helen demystifies the whole process, and teaches people — step–by–step — how to start creating their own TikTok videos. And in a true circle–of–life fashion, her fabulous followers actually inspired her to launch Socialize.

As a commercial director specializing in real, authentic content, it makes total sense that Helen’s clear, encouraging approach resonates with so many. And with more than 30 years of production experience, Helen definitely knows her way around a camera. Her storytelling style has elevated global brands like Blistex, Sensodyne, Odor Eaters, and the NFL, just to name a few. Her expertise, delivered with her trademark Helen positivity, has already helped several high–profile creators raise the bar on their content. Now it’s your turn!

We’re excited that you’re here and we’re ready to see your incredible content that’s just waiting to be shared.

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