Adding Sound and Additional Videos to the Middle of a TikTok

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Want to start a TikTok by speaking and then add music in the middle? I’m going to show you how. Also, I’ll give you tips for how you can add videos from your camera roll once you’ve started recording.

Two tutorials in one article (and video?) That’s the Muthership promise. In this jam-packed tutorial, I will show you the two. Let’s go.


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♬ In the Bosom – Sweet After Tears

1. First, record your opening voice-over and click the checkmark. On the right-hand side, you have a menu of options. Click “adjust clips” or “studio.”

2. Now if you want to add photos or videos already on your camera roll, you will see a vertical line, which denotes where those new assets will go. Make sure that line is where you want your new content to go, whether it’s before or after the video you just recorded.

3. Click the plus to add your videos and/or photos. In this video, I’m adding some footage of New York City.

4. After you added the videos or photos, you will notice the “add sound” prompt. You may notice, especially if you put the videos or photos after the original video, that the “add sound” prompt starts AFTER that original video. So if you want the music to start when you start showing the subsequent videos. Of course, if you want the music to start earlier, you just move it sooner.

5. Once you have the sound where you want it, make sure you remove any excess sound at the end so you don’t have a lot of black screen at the end.

There you have it. Two great tutorials in one. Let me know what feature you want me to create a tutorial on next!

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