Adjust Volume on Instagram Reels

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Make sure your voice is heard – learn how to adjust the volume on Instagram Reels when you’re recording.

When people add a song to a video where they’re speaking on Instagram Reels, they’re surprised to find they can’t hear themselves. It’s a simple trick to fix it. See the video and instructions below.


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♬ Paradise – Ikson

  1. Record your video on Instagram Reels (for the purpose of this tutorial, make sure you’re speaking)
  2. Select the song that you want to add. Click done. (If you play the video now, you’ll only hear the music – not your voice over)
  3. Then click the music symbol at the top of the screen, which will take you to the volume control. As you will see, the song volume will be at 100% and the camera audio (e.g. your voice) will be at 0%. You should switch this to 100% for the camera audio and around 10% for the song to make sure you can be heard. Once you save, you’ll hear the changes. If you still can’t hear your voice clearly, decrease the song volume even more.

That’s it! You have to love a tutorial that only includes three steps. Now that you’ve rediscovered your voice, use it!

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