Scott Hayes


Cool Negative Effect Transitions on TikTok

This one is a lot of fun - it's so negative, it's positive! Of course, I'm talking about the red negative Effect you may have seen around TikTok. The actual...

Using Voice Commands on the iPhone

A brief tutorial on the voice command function. I get asked often how I'm able to record so many videos on social media. Well, it's partially because I love it,...
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Managing TikTok Drafts With the Grid Format

I've gotten a lot of comments from Socialize users about their TikTok drafts now showing up in a grid format like below. It makes it a little more difficult to...
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Changing the Default Camera Mode on an iPhone

Have you ever come across the perfect opportunity for a photo or video but spent too much time fumbling around with the setting to get the right vantage for the...
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Effective Effects on Instagram Reels

If you remember any one thing about social media, remember this: it's supposed to be fun! Instagram knows this, which is why they provide so many fun and cool effects...
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How To: Crop It Like It’s Hot [TikTok]

Have you ever uploaded a photo or video to TikTok only to see the dimensions not quite line up, leading to a black border surrounding the content? It's a good...
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