CapCut Teleprompter: A Creator’s Best Friend

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Got a lot to say but worried about how to say it all? No sweat, if you use the teleprompter directly in the CapCut app. As you may remember, I’ve used CapCut in many of my tutorials. It’s a fantastic app to help with editing, templates to participate in trends, and other bells and whistles. You just record and edit in CapCut and then export to your favorite video editing platform. This is a great tutorial for anyone, whether you get flustered being on camera or want to say a lot and can’t remember it all.


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  1. Open up CapCut and click on the edit button.
  2. Click on the edit button on the right-hand side and look for the camera icon on the top-right.
  3. Then find the teleprompter icon, where you’ll find some dummy text already filled in. You can either type in your teleprompter text, copy and paste from a document or email, or record it via the microphone.
  4. You can change the size and color of the text, the speed it appears on screen, and the positioning.
  5. Once you set the time to record, it will begin scrolling on screen. Two important pieces of advice: keep the text as close to the top of the phone screen so you’re not tempted to look downward, which will appear unnatural, and be sure to ad-lib or not robotically read the words on the screen. Make sure you speak like you would if there were no words on the screen, if that helps.
  6.  One helpful tip: speak in short clips and pause in between. This way you can easily re-record a short segment, instead of having to re-record the entire thing.
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