Transition with a Continuous Loop on Instagram Reels

One of the best things about social media video is the ability to create a continuous loop - which makes your video seem like magic or an optical illusion. It...

Creating a Background Template for TikTok Live

TikTok Live is a great opportunity to discuss or promote something important to a captive audience. If you have 1,000 followers or more, you can start using this service. You...

How to Embed Links In Instagram Stories

People use Instagram Stories for many different things; they're a great opportunity to promote something you're doing off Instagram on a website, app, or different social media platform. Did you...

7 Tips for Doing Lip Sync Videos

The concept of “Lip Sync” has been around for a long time in different forms. On some occasions, musical performers need to lip sync at venues, such as parades, where...

Let’s Talk Transitions

Transitions have become very popular with creators who perform on many social media apps.  But let’s start by thinking about what that word actually means. In my early years as...
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