Creating Infinitely Fun Instagram Story Boomerangs

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Scrolling through Instagram stories, you’ve likely encountered an entrancing Boomerang, where a short clip repeats ad infinitum. It is so easy to do, but not everyone knows the simple steps. All it takes is some live photos, an iPhone, and Instagram.

What are live photos, you may ask? Here’s a brief description – they’re the little gif-like moving images where the phone takes your “iPhone records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture.” Best of all, Instagram makes it easy to add them to Stories. Learn how below.

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  1. First, make sure you have some live photos in your camera reel. If you don’t have any, take some now. Open your camera app, ensure you’re on “photo” and that the live button in the top right corner is on.
  2. Then open Instagram and click “plus” at the top of your screen to start the story.
  3. By clicking on the plus, it will open up your photos app. Look for the live photo(s) you just took or see if you have other ones from the past. Any photo with the “infinity symbol” or boomerang denotes a live photo.
  4.  Select a live photo and then click the boomerang infinity symbol at the top of the screen, which will turn the live photo into an infinite loop. Click done.
  5. Then you can add text or stickers or other embellishments.
  6. Share to your story, and that’s it!

This will definitely come in handy this holiday season as you spend time with friends and family. Enjoy!

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