Don’t Get Frozen Out of This Latest TikTok Trend


Like all the best TikTok effects, this freeze-frame video looks like magic.


Tutorial: @themuthership #capcuteffect #freezeframefun #tiktoktutorials #themuthership

♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop


But it’s quite simple if you know how to do it. See my video tutorial below and read the step-by-step instructions so you can make yours today!


Walk into yourself with this fun capcut feature! ⭐️ Sometimes these TikTok tricks look so complicated and then it’s nothing more than turning on the magic in an edit app. 💫 Once you try this, tap on a few other style effects to see what happens because that’s the best way to learn! #CCcreator #capcuttutorial #tutorial #tiktoktips #capcut #tiktokteacher #editingtips #themuthership @capcut

♬ original sound – themuthership tiktok teacher💙

  1. Find an area where you’ll be able to “walk across the screen” – and definitely pick something that looks cool.
  2. Make sure you’re far enough back so you can walk a bit while recording. Start “off screen.” Now record yourself.
  3. Open up CapCut, create a new project, and select the scene you just recorded. Remove the beginning (before you walk into the frame) and end (after you exit the frame). Split the clip at those points and delete when you’re off screen.
  4. Export the clip, which will save your edited version. Then create another project and open up that new, edited clip.
  5. Click on the timeline, and then select “style” – scrolling through until you see freeze frame.  There are actually two different versions of freeze frame. To do the above video, you want the second one, where you walk into your frozen images. But feel free to try the other one in a different video!
  6. Click export and post to TikTok.

I love tutorials like these because, if you didn’t know any better, this trend looks like you need a background in video editing to accomplish. Nope – it’s just a style on CapCut. All you need to figure out now is where you want to record yours! As always, please tag me if you try this out and please sign up for my workshops to learn more!

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