Fun With Audio: How to Get The Most of Your TikTok Sound

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Like an Oscar-winning movie, the perfect TikTok is the right balance of video and sound. If you’re following a trend, you can often just add the trending audio and not need to make many adjustments. But if you’re creating a truly original video and want to share a meaningful song, sometimes you’ll have to do some edits to get the TikTok exactly how you want it.


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♬ Speak Now – Taylor Swift

Starting the music later in the song

If you have the perfect song, but you don’t like the intro, or need to make sure you get to a later part in the song at a climatic moment, here’s what you need to do. Note; to manipulate the start of the audio, you need to make sure your video is shorter than the full audio file. Something to keep in mind.

  1. When you start a TikTok (but before you start recording), you can add audio from the top of the screen.
  2. When you click on the song you’ve chosen, you’ll see some options, including a scissors icon, which allows you to slide the audio to start later in the song.
  3. Remember, as stipulated above, the audio must be longer than the video to make this happen.

Starting the music later in the video

If you want to start your audio after the video starts – maybe you have a preamble to introduce the audio or want to time a specific needle drop – click on the adjust clip (studio) on the right-side of the video and select the audio. If you drag it to the right, you’ll start the audio later. And make sure you go to the end to make sure you remove any audio that remains after your video ends; otherwise, you’ll have a black screen.

Those are the two major ways to adjust audio. Hope it helps. Make sure you sign up for my free workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and to ask questions live!

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