How to Achieve Better Text Placement on Your Instagram Reels

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Placing text on your Instagram Reels can help users follow along with the video. But too much text or text placed in a bad spot can ruin your carefully produced video.

If you struggle with where to place your text, I can show you how to do it easily in the video and instructions below. Let’s get into it.



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  1. First start your Reel by recording or adding a video
  2. After adding or recording your video, click next and add text
  3. Then make the alterations to get the text exactly how you want
    1. If you want to make the text smaller or bigger, use your two fingers to pinch in or expand, until it’s the right size. There’s also a sidebar that can help you cycle through the sizes to find the right one
    2.  If you want to move it around, use your finger or a stylus to manipulate it on screen. As you begin moving it around, you may notice guidelines appear that help you to center it, or to show you where the end border of the video is (you obviously don’t want to move any part of the video out of viewability). The bottom border shows where your profile name, the caption, and the song name will appear, so you don’t have anything unnecessarily obscured by those
  4. Keep in mind, there are effectively two views you need to account for: the scrolling, in-feed view shown to the left (which is smaller than the full-feed view). You’ll likely want to ensure your text is visible in-feed, as well as in the full-screen view). The grid marks help you stay visible at all times, but I often find it’s even better to drop a bit below them, as long as you’re not hiding anything you want to show in the video.

That’s it. That’s how you make sure your text is visible no matter what a viewer is watching. Thanks for following along!

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