How to Duet and Stitch on TikTok

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If you’re just getting started on TikTok, you may have noticed every couple of posts feature either a split screen with two different videos or someone superimposed in front of another video; this is the duet functionality available on TikTok. It’s great if you want to sing along with someone or comment on what they’re doing.

There are many ways to duet on TikTok; each has its own pro and con. I show you the different ways to duet below.

Thank you to Kathy Griffith for unwittingly participating in my tutorial. And reach out – I can definitely help!

P.S. – I also show you how to stitch, which is slightly different than a duet.



Here’s the difference between a stitch and a duet for @realkathygriffin ❤️#tiktoktutorials #duettutorial #stitchtutorial #beginnertiktok #newbieswelcome #themuthership

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  1. First, find the video you want to “duet” with and click on the arrow to find the duet functionality.
  2. The default will place you side-by-side with the video you’re commenting on, which is how many people choose to duet. I wonder how many people do that because they don’t know there are other options. If you click on the down arrow and scroll, you’ll find the layout button. Click on that.
  3. And then you’ll see “green screen,” which superimposes you in front of the video you’re referencing; react, which puts the original video in the top-left corner, and puts most of the screen real estate on your video; and “top and bottom,” which places the videos on top of each other, instead of side-by-side. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll focus on “green screen.”
  4. By doing green screen, you and the video you’re “dueting with” is on the same screen. The microphone is off by default, so if you want to speak over the video, scroll through the icons on the right-hand side and find the microphone.  Unmuted it.
  5.  Put in headphones before recording. You want your voice to come through in the final video and not clash with the audio from the original video. And record. This is the true “duet,” where you’re speaking over the original video

But if you want to stitch, that’s a different story. Stitching enables you to pause the original video and comment while it’s stopped. making it easier to hear both your commentary and the original video. But make note! You can only excerpt five seconds of the video and then speak afterward. A stitch is different than a green screen, in that you can’t be in front of the video. To do a stitch, find the original video again, and instead of selecting “duet” as above, select “stitch.”

Hopefully, this helped clarify the different options you have. Kathy, give me a call! And if you want to try it out, you can pick out one of my previous videos and duet or stitch. If you do, tag me! 

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