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Knowing how to loop on social media is the cornerstone to great content. Many of the TikTok trends and transitions I have given tutorials for the past include looping, but I’ve gotten several requests for a tutorial that just focuses on how to loop better. Ask, and ye shall receive! See the instructions below.

First, it’s important to remember the intentionality a looped video needs. By that, I mean, you need to think through how you want the video to begin and end, so there’s a level of seamlessness there. Fortunately, many trends give you that blueprint, but if you’re doing an original video, you need to think it through. Some videos are easier to plan than others – like cooking videos routinely start with the finished product, and then end with the last step before the finished product, creating a cohesive loop. With videos where you are changing your outfits and/or are in different poses, it’s important to start and finish in the same pose. But we get into that below.

What you’re basically trying to do is find a short clip that will serve as the end and the introduction to the beginning of the video.


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  1. Just a reminder – TikTok automatically loops – so you don’t need to use any template or trick to get the video to loop. It will do that automatically. What you DO need to do is edit the content so the loop is seamless.
  2. In the video that serves as the tutorial for this tutorial, it requires many outfit changes. So you want to find the right moment in the first outfit where you want to start the video. If you’re crossing your arms or hands across your body, that’s usually the best place as it creates a good mechanism to switch to a new thing (outfit, hairstyle, location).
  3. Once you figure out where the video is going to “end,” cut everything on that specific video before it.
  4. Then find where you want your video to begin. Split the clip right before that moment and then move that short clip to the end of the editor you’re using.
  5. Now, you should have a seamless transition – but watch the video in TikTok to make sure you have it right.

As with everything, it will take a bit of trial and error, but once you have the handle of it, you’ll be thinking in loops all the time. If you’ve never done one before, tag me in your attempt, and I’ll let you know how you did.

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