How to Master the Transition Challenge on TikTok

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Pull up a coffee or your beverage of choice because this Champion transition is one of the most involved tutorials I’ve done. Thank you to Zaki-Jabbar Robinson for the inspiration. Champion – get in touch with him!

It involves an incredible amount of top changes, so one piece of advice is to have all of your tops in a pile in front of you, so you minimize the chance that you get out of frame or position. I personally recorded myself performing in each shirt twice, so I knew I would have enough material and could also change the order of which top went where, but if you know exactly how you want the progression to go, you can film each segment with a different shirt. It’s entirely up to you. Also, I play the audio from another device to guide me because I’m ultimately going to add the audio directly on TikTok. That’s enough of a preamble.

Take a deep breath, and here we go.




Highly requested so please appreciate how long it took me to explain this one ❤️ Link to original trend video: @robinsonzs ⭐️ And if you made it through this whole lesson you’ve been promoted to the next level in creator-ville because this one is not for beginners! 💫 #cccreator #capcut #capcuttutorial #tutorial #tiktokteacher #championtutorial #themuthership

♬ Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

  1. As stated above, record yourself doing the choreography two times in each shirt.
  2. Open up your trusty editing app, which, if you’re reading this, is likely CapCut and select all of your videos.
  3. Your first order of business is to go through the first video and find the part where the first loop ends and the second begins. Cut the first loop and then split the first action of your arm moving down. This you need to save for the end of the video, so clip, and leave it at the front for now. Then scroll through the rest of that first video to find the part where you will have the first transition. Cut and delete the rest after that.
  4. Then your next video will show up in the editing app. Scroll to the part where it will sync with the previous video, and cut everything before it. So now you should see the first video seamlessly blend into the second, with your new outfit. Scroll to the beginning to make sure the transition looks good before moving on.
  5. You now need to repeat this with the rest of the videos. Scroll to the part where the transition should come in that new video, cut the file and delete everything else, and move onto the next.
  6. Once you’ve filmed all your transitions, go back to the beginning frame you cut off and move that to the end. That way, your video will seamlessly loop.
  7. Add the music from Zaki-Jabbar Robinson’s TikTok, which you can find on my tutorial, and post. There you go.

I know it feels like a lot, but it’s so impressive that it’s worth the work. If you do take it on, tag me in the comments. Good luck! And be sure to sign up for my free workshops here.


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