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Instagram Guides are a hidden gem which can be used to save your favorite content by topic while making it available to your followers as well! Who knew? I was personally excited to use this tool to share the Socialize tutorials on my personal instagram page! And when you use the guide feature, you are helping out your fellow creators by highlighting their content in your guide. It’s a win win for you and your favorite creators!

The tutorial below demonstrates how to use the feature:



What can you do with your Guide?

There are a few ways you can share your guide with your followers. The first and easiest is to click the share icon and post it to your story. Try asking a question about the guide or posting a poll about it. For example if your guide contains recipe videos, ask your followers to pick a favorite! You can also press the share icon and share it to Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, WhatsApp or just text it to a friend. Copy the link to your guide and create an instagram story talking about your guide and put a clickable link on the story. And if you’re not sure how to create a clickable link, check out this tutorial which gives you all the steps.

Yet with all that you can do with the Instagram Guide, my favorite thing is that it creates neat little folders on your own page under the Guide tab where you can organize some of your favorite posts on a specific topic.  This makes it so easy to access quickly and share with a friend!

We are here for you!

At Socialize, we want to keep you informed when we see things new things appear on the app!  We really enjoy your comments on our Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. It helps us stay informed about we need to teach and share next!

Our monthly workshops are here to give provide nicely paced and welcoming lessons. Don’t miss out on them! And the weekly Creative Forecast gives you ideas, trends, music suggestions and more to keep you creating without the stress!


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