Instragram Reels Auto-Captions


Using auto-generated captions in your Instagram Reels will not only make your reels more accessible, but it will also assist viewers who watch instagram with their volume turned down! With just a few clicks, you can generate auto-captions and change the style to make them more engaging and readable. Instagram has provided 4 different basic styles and within them, you can adjust the color of the text and add different backgrounds to make them easier to read. The lesson below demonstrates the process step-by-step with visual instructions.


How to Generate Auto-Captions


  1. Record a video or upload a video from your camera roll.
  2. Tap the square icon with the face on it and look for the word “Captions” in blue.
  3. Once you tap the caption icon, your auto-captions will be automatically generated in the default style set by instagram.
  4. You may click ‘done’ and then use 2 fingers to size the captions smaller or larger and move the placement.
  5. If there are errors in the captions, you can tap them to make a correction and click save.
  6. You can toggle between 4 different caption styles as shows in the tutorial.
  7. Along with the text style, you can also choose the color and look of the captions by putting them on a background.
  8. Be sure to keep your captions within the safe readable area which is indicated by the yellow grid marks.

Auto-captions tell people that you are inclusive and considerate, and many people watching instagram with the sound off will not scroll by your content! Captions will stop them from scrolling by AND it will save them the struggle of reading your lips.

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