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If you’re like me, you’re following more people than you can keep up with on Instagram (and TikTok and everywhere else). We’re fortunate to live in a time of such amazing creators, but keeping track of everything can be daunting. And you can miss your favorite creators if you don’t take steps to make sure their content stays top of mind. Luckily, Instagram has some simple tools you can use.

All you need to do is make your favorite creators your favorites! I’ll show you how to do it below.


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  1. Tap on the user name of someone whose posts you never want to miss
  2. Go to his/her/their profile and tap on the word following
  3. There you’ll see “add to favorites” – click on that.
  4. Then, when you got back to your homepage, you see a small arrow under the Instragram logo.
  5. Click on that, and you’ll see a drop down of “following” and “favorites.” Anyone you’ve added to favorites will appear in the latter

There’s one more way you can stay on top of your favorite follows. If you tap on the creator’s profile and tap on the “bell,” you can set up alerts for either Posts, Stories, Reels, Videos, Live Videos, or all of them. That way, it will alert you any time he/she/they post. And that’s Instagram. If you like my tutorials and other posts, make sure you make me a favorite too!

Stay tuned, as I’ll be doing a TikTok tutorial on favorites shortly.

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