Mastering the Green Screen Transition on TikTok

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This tutorial will show you how to use a Green Screen transition on TikTok, but it’s also a direct tutorial for the Phone Transition you may have seen on TikTok.

You need two phones to do this TikTok trend, which means I would need THREE phones to show you exactly how it looks in the below tutorial, so I used a notepad to represent the “second phone” you would use in your video.

Also, you will want to film using your normal phone camera (instead of filming directly in TikTok) and use CapCut or another editor to put it all together.

Also, if you’re playing music, you need to play it on another device – not on either of the phones you’re using. Use your laptop or break out your old stereo!

Okay, let’s get at it.

  1. Get your phone or, as I’m doing, your notepad ready. Ensure your phone background or the notepad has solid colors – and that color is different from your shirt or anywhere else in the room. Otherwise, the green screen treatment won’t work.
  2. Set up your other phone on a tripod or somewhere else stationary – put it in a place that’s at shoulder-length height or higher.
  3.  Start the music and move to the back of the room and walk towards the tripod, eventually bringing your phone or notepad up to the screen. Walk towards it and slowly manipulate the notepad/phone until it envelopes the entire screen of your tripod camera
  4. Switch your outfit (and location if you want something truly new). Film yourself again from the back of the room and walk towards the camera. Dance or do whatever comes naturally.
  5. Now comes the editing. If you have a TikTok with the song you’ll use, start with that in CapCut, and then split the audio and delete the video part, retaining the audio.
  6. Add your first video, where you’re holding the phone/notepad. Get to the part where the phone/notepad is obscuring the video for a beat or two, and then cut out the rest of the recording. You also want to split the clip where the phone/notepad is first introduced until it obscrues the screen. Then add and line up the second video. Once they are lined up, highlight the split clip and look for the “overlay” button. Then click the cutout button and the chroma key button. Highlight the phone/notepad and manipulate the intensity so the above image of you from the second video shows up in the phone/notepad.
  7. Play through and make adjustments on the second scene to ensure they line up perfect.

That’s it.

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