New Instagram Reels Editing

new instagram reels editing

If the new Instagram Reels editing interface has you confused, this tutorial will help you understand it quickly and easily! The look is similar to many editing apps, so once you understand how to navigate a timeline, you will have no trouble working many different editing apps. If you are familiar with editing in CapCut, this will appear very similar.

Key features in working with a timeline:


  • Using the sliders at the beginning and end of a clip can help to trim off the beginning and end of a shot
  • The you tap and hold on a clip, you can usually move it.
  • Instagram has provide a ‘recorder’ button to allow you to slide clips around.
  • Using two fingers to pinch the time and widen it, will actually zoom in on the timeline to make it easier to edit smaller clips.
  • Tapping the little circles between clips will provide transition options from shot to shot.
  • Adding text and timing it can be easily done now in the same way by trimming the front or back to decide when to bring it on and off.

Check out the tutorial below for a demonstration.



The nice thing about editing in Instagram Reels is that you can save your video before you post it! This is great for using your content on other platforms like TikTok, YouTube or Facebook Reels!  It will save without music, but you can add the music back in the other apps.

If you prefer to record your content right in the Instagram app, you can use the timer or start and stop recording to create multiple clips in one video. Then tap that edit clips button to get started with trimming up your content or creating awesome transition videos using the align feature in reels!


Try Other Editing Apps!

Once you get comfortable with the new Instagram Reels editing interface, challenge yourself to try an app like CapCut to broaden your skills! Edit apps outside of Instagram have so many fun features, like recording with a teleprompter for example! There are so many fun effects and transitions possible in edit apps, so don’t be afraid to try them.

For more help, check out our FREE workshops after you create a free account right here on our website!



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