New Text Tool on TikTok

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The new text tool on TikTok has caused some confusion for many who just want the old ‘set duration’ feature that was seemingly easy to navigate. To be honest, I am a fan of the new timeline system since it provides much more accuracy for timing your text. What makes it extremely user-friendly is that you can use 2 fingers to zoom the timeline and then you can get your text to appear and disappear on the exact frame you want it to come and go. The tutorial below demonstrates in detail how to use this interface.

As a bonus in this lesson, you’ll learn how to place the text to give the illusion you are pushing the text off the screen. it’s a fun feature for making a point and then changing the meaning by shifting one word.


The TikTok Editing Interface

The Editing interface on TikTok continues to improve each time the app updates. You’ll notice it looks very similar to the app CapCut which is owned by ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, so it’s not surprising to find the similarities.

CapCut really does help to make content creation quick and easy with various templates that always have viral potential. Here’s is an example – this Titanic trend was lit up for weeks on TikTok!

Editing apps all use a timeline editing system, which is why the new text took on TikTok is a logical evolution in the app. It’s easy once you understand how to navigate it, and you can finally have your text appear and disappear exactly where you want it to happen! Personally, I’m a fan and I hope it doesn’t revert back to the old interface.

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