Nobody Move, There’s a Great New TikTok Trend

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Nobody move, there’s a new TikTok trend you will want to learn. The #bloodonthefloor trend, based on a song by Thundercat.

This one, like most trends, is best done with a costume change. Let’s get into it.


Get music>@themuthership I will be retiring this wacky long hair wig now 😱#bloodonthefloor #bloodonthefloortutorial #transitiontutorial #tiktoktips #themuthership

♬ Them Changes (Sped Up) – Thundercat


  1. Set up your tripod and set the timer to 4.2 second, which will cover the lyrics “Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor.”
  2. Press play and lipsync the words, looking and pointing down when it gets to “on the floor.”
  3. Change locations and have your camera now on the ground, facing up. If you have a glass table, you can film through it to have an actual object in the shot. For my take on this, I used a chocolate chip, which you can see on the screen in the finished product below. You should start the video in the same position as you ended the first (effectively looking down, but, now that the camera is on the floor, you’re now looking directly at the camera).
  4. Set the timer to 6.7 seconds. Depending on your creative direction here, you can either bend down and pick something up or just look down. As the timer is ending, you will want to begin moving your head to look back at (or forward).
  5. For the third shot, you need the camera back to the first location. You definitely want to change your outfit and potentially your location. You should start the video looking down but starting to look up (it’s hard to explain – best to look at the video again). And when the timer starts, then snap your head up and face the camera in the new location.
  6. If you do everything close to perfect, you won’t even need to edit.


Have fun – there are a lot of different ways you can use the camera on the ground to show fake blood or something you dropped, if you have a glass table.

Here’s my final product


Not giving up one precious chocolate chip!! 🍪 #guittardchocolate #bakingtok #bloodonthefloor #tiktoktutorials #themuthership#Inverted

♬ Them Changes (Sped Up) – Thundercat

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