Now’s the Time to Try TikTok Now

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Have you seen a prompt on TikTok for TikTok now? Curious what it’s all about? Is this just like BeReal? Wondering where your Nows go after you record them? I have all of the answers below.



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Yes, TikTok Now is very similar to the buzzy BeReal app, which encourages people to share their authentic selves one time a day. Like BeReal, a notification to record a TikTok Now will appear out of nowhere, and prompting you to create a post. You can either create a video or a photo, and it uses both cameras to show what you and what you’re looking at (kind of like the picture-in-picture tutorial I shared recently). Either click for a photo or hold for a video. When you post, the TikTok Now can only be viewed by friends.

To find previous TikTok Nows, you need to click on the lock on your menu and look for memories. It shows you a calendar, where you can pick a day and see what you recorded that day.

That’s it – sometimes it’s nice not to have to plan something out. Just record what’s happening in the moment. Try it out – maybe you’ll love it.

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