Run, Don’t Walk to Try Out the Latest TikTok Trend


Run to your phone to try the TikTok running trend. It’s so much fun, and really encourages the silliest side of you. I love it. This one is a lot of fun. The new running trend is a bit of camera work and editing, but most of it is done through sleight of hand.

I’ll show you below how to do it. You can either record one continuous video and cut out the parts where you’re setting up for the next “shot” or record a bunch of videos and seamlessly edit them together. Don’t worry about going fast (or literally running) as you can manipulate the speed of the video when you’re editing.

This works best if you’re in a bathroom where you can walk through and see yourself in the mirror, as I demonstrate below.


Run wild or walk slow – either way you can do this one!! Grab the music from this tiktok: @themuthership #barberofseville #tiktoktutorials #tiktokteacher #themuthership #cccreator #CapCut

♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

  1. Start filming! Walk across with the phone pointed at the mirror and walk until you’re almost or completely out of frame. Lock your elbow, so the camera stays on the same perspective. You can either stop that video or keep rolling and go back to the starting point. Try as best as possible to remember how your body was at the end of the shot and try to replicate it when you start the next pass through (i.e., was your arm raised, were you now facing backwards? and so on). Doing your best to emulate your pose at the end will make everything look better and remove the need to make additional edits.
  2.  Make another pass. While doing so, have fun with it. Move your arms around. Make faces. Be silly!
  3. Once you’ve completed enough “runs,” you can either stop the video if you’ve been continuously filming or gather up all of your clips.
  4. Go to CapCut if you have it.
    1. If you did one continuous shot, you can split where the first scene should end and the second should begin. Then delete the footage you don’t want to use. And continue with the rest of the scenes.
    2. If you did multiple takes, add each video to CapCut and. Edit out any spare moments before or after the video should start. Then combine them together to become one continuous video.
  5. Make sure you go through each clip and speed it up (especially if you were leisurely walking in your videos).

That’s it for the latest TikTok running trend! Here’s my final video. If you tried it out, please tag me so I can see how you did!

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