Screen Recording the New Way on TikTok

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If you’re suddenly stymied by screen recording on TikTok, don’t worry. I have the solution for you. This is yet another tutorial that is a result of a new TikTok enhancement. TikTok is always changing, the need to know how to do things stays the same!

The new style that includes the big post button at the bottom means you can’t screen record as easily as before. But, as always, there’s a trick. Watch the video and read the instructions below to master screen recording on TikTok.



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  1. If you’re on the last screen of the video you want to screen record, you may notice that clicking the full screen doesn’t get rid of the large, red “post” button.
  2. Click back and then click the “drafts” button to save to drafts. When you click on the video again, don’t click “next”. Instead select “adjust clips” and then click the button that looks sort of like [ ].
  3.  Then it will show the full screen. When you press play you can screen record.
  4. Don’t forget to crop the screen record to make sure it’s the right dimension. Forget how to do a screen recording on TikTok? Check out this tutorial.
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