Share the Love With the TikTok Repost Button

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Have you seen a TikTok video you love, but don’t want to duet or stitch? Well, guess what? You may have noticed a new button on your TikTok page. This allows you to repost content you like to your feed without having to do record a reaction or add additional commentary. It’s a great way to support your friends and followers and help them get exposure to your audience. I’ll explain what the button does and how to best use it below.

(Note: some of you may not see this option yet)


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  1. As you’re scrolling through your feed, if you find a video you want to repost, click on the “share arrow” on the right side of the screen.
  2. If you have the repost function, it will be the first option on the top of the share screen.
  3. By tapping that, you push it out to some of your followers, into their feeds. It won’t add this video to your profile page, though.
  4. Another way to repost is to comment. You’ll see at the bottom of the comment there’s an option to repost. This will share the video to some of your followers with that comment attached.
  5. An important note – reposting is “public.” Any video you repost will include a note that you’ve done so. Just a FYI!
  6. If you want to see which videos you’ve reposted, go to your thumbnails, and you’ll find the repost button above them, towards the right side of the screen.
  7. That will show you the videos you have reposted.

That’s it – get out there and get reposting. What better way to start than to repost my video explaining the new functionality? You can do so here!

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