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Glide into the weekend with this cool TikTok Slide transition trend. I created this using the CapCut editing function.

This takes a little more work than some of my other tutorials, but it’s well worth the effort. All you need is a nice pair of socks that will slide on the floor (leave your pilates/yoga socks in the drawer!), two different looks, and plenty of patience. Watch the TikTok below and view our step-by-step instructions.


Editing takes time and patience but you got this!! IB: @Chris Flora #slidetransition #tiktoktutorial #tiktoktips #tiktokteacher #themuthership

♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

  1. First, find a hallway in your house or office that has a bit of runway. Set up your camera at the end of it.
  2. Make sure you select the right song (linked in the caption)
  3. Record yourself standing where you’ll end up. If you’re feeling frisky, you can mouth the words of the song
  4. Go to the beginning of the hallway in your first outfit and record yourself taking a few running steps and then sliding towards the camera
  5. Make sure the video looks good, and then change into your second outfit
  6. Repeat step 4 with the new outfit. Try your best to run and slide in the same location as the first video, so the transition is seamless
  7. Here’s the tricky bit. You want to line up the two videos showing you run and slide so that when you hit the slide, it transitions from the first outfit to the second. This will take some trial and error. Cut small bits until you’re happy with the result. The usual caveat: it doesn’t need to be perfect! It just has to make you feel good.
  8. Make sure you eliminate any unnecessary audio at the end, so don’t have a black box at the end
  9. If you used CapCut, it’s best to save the video to your phone and then upload it to TikTok, so you don’t have the CapCut logo in your TikTok video

That’s it for the TikTok Slide transition – make sure you tag me if you try it out!

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