How to Loop on TikTok

Knowing how to loop on social media is the cornerstone to great content. Many of the TikTok trends and transitions I have given tutorials for the past include looping, but...
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Managing TikTok Drafts With the Grid Format

I've gotten a lot of comments from Socialize users about their TikTok drafts now showing up in a grid format like below. It makes it a little more difficult to...
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How To: Crop It Like It’s Hot [TikTok]

Have you ever uploaded a photo or video to TikTok only to see the dimensions not quite line up, leading to a black border surrounding the content? It's a good...
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How to Create an Overlay (Picture-in-Picture) in TikTok

Picture-in-picture - it's not just for TVs anymore! You may have seen some of your favorite TikTok creators using picture-in-picture to make interesting videos. Well, you can use this new...
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