New Instagram Reels Editing

If the new Instagram Reels editing interface has you confused, this tutorial will help you understand it quickly and easily! The look is similar to many editing apps, so once...
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TikTok Text Timing Tip

This helpful tip for timing your text on TikTok is a huge time-saver, especially if your video content is on the longer side.  Normally, when you add text in TikTok...
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How to Loop on TikTok

Knowing how to loop on social media is the cornerstone to great content. Many of the TikTok trends and transitions I have given tutorials for the past include looping, but...
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Managing TikTok Drafts With the Grid Format

I've gotten a lot of comments from Socialize users about their TikTok drafts now showing up in a grid format like below. It makes it a little more difficult to...
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How To: Crop It Like It’s Hot [TikTok]

Have you ever uploaded a photo or video to TikTok only to see the dimensions not quite line up, leading to a black border surrounding the content? It's a good...
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How to Create an Overlay (Picture-in-Picture) in TikTok

Picture-in-picture - it's not just for TVs anymore! You may have seen some of your favorite TikTok creators using picture-in-picture to make interesting videos. Well, you can use this new...
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