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Nobody Move, There’s a Great New TikTok Trend

Nobody move, there's a new TikTok trend you will want to learn. The #bloodonthefloor trend, based on a song by Thundercat. This one, like most trends, is best done with...
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Mastering the Green Screen Transition on TikTok

This tutorial will show you how to use a Green Screen transition on TikTok, but it's also a direct tutorial for the Phone Transition you may have seen on TikTok....

Run, Don’t Walk to Try Out the Latest TikTok Trend

Run to your phone to try the TikTok running trend. It's so much fun, and really encourages the silliest side of you. I love it. This one is a lot...
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Unleash Your Inner TikTok Heartbreaker

I'm all over any trend that involves Pat Benatar. But this one is really fun and looks amazing if you get it right. And trust me, it will take a...
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How to Master the Teenage Dirtbag TikTok Trend

Want to do a trip down memory lane? The latest TikTok Teenage Dirtbag trend has everyone sharing photos from their teenage years. In the TikTok tutorial below, I show you...

Cool Negative Effect Transitions on TikTok

This one is a lot of fun - it's so negative, it's positive! Of course, I'm talking about the red negative Effect you may have seen around TikTok. The actual...
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