The Twice as Nice Mirror Delay Trend

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Ever wish there was another version of you? You’ll have to keep dreaming in real life, but you can have the twin you always wanted on TikTok. I’m talking about the mirror delay trend that is inspiring some amazing creativity. You can have two of you on screen without much effort.

For this tutorial, I combine the mirror effect and a transition (and lipsyncing for good measure). I love combining this functionality with other effects to make an amazing and layered video.  You may want to try just doing the mirror effect for your first video, so you don’t add any complexity. Get it perfect, and then try to add the transition.

If you are doing a clothes change transition, try to have your change of clothes right next to you, as you will not want to move from the spot you filmed in the first part of the video.


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  1. First click on the caption in the linked TikTok to grab the sound and the effect. The usual caveat applies: if you don’t see the effect, that means you don’t have it yet.
  2.  Since I’m doing a transition, I am adding a timer to the proceedings. You can avoid that if you’re just doing the mirror effect.
  3. I start off-screen so my “double” also walks in, allowing me to act surprised. When you’re looking at your digital twin, do your best to look directly ahead. If your eyes look  above or below your double’s head, it won’t look quite right.
  4.  Try to time your arm movement/snap to be in the middle of finishing when the timer ends. That way you can create a smooth effect for your transition.
  5. Change into your second outfit. Get ready to move your arm to finish the transition. Note, you’ll want to do the full movement, don’t start in the middle of the “wave;” it won’t look good.
  6. When you’re lip syncing on the mirror effect, remember that your duplicate with lip sync the exact same thing. Therefore, only do it for the chorus where everything is repeated. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  7. You may need to record the second bit a couple of times due to the difficulty of syncing up with your twin. But you’ll get it!

Take a look at my finished version and tag me in yours!


That was fun!! ✨ #mirroreddelay #twinning #tiktokteacher #themuthership

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