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Got a lot of photos you want to share (maybe too many?) and don’t know what to do with them? Maybe you’ve been waiting for this new trend, the Photo Dump, that is now a big thing on TikTok.

Here’s mine (from a very eventful year!)


2022 was action-packed and it’s not over yet #newtrend #photodumpdeluxe #photoroulette @CapCut #CapCut #templatecapcut #cccreator #tiktoktutorials #tiktoktips #themuthership

♬ original sound – themuthership tiktok teacher💙


I provide the instructions on how to do your own photo dump below.


Click here for template: @themuthership click here to learn how to set your phone to take full screen photos: @themuthership #cccreator #capcut #tutorial #capcuttutorial #photodumpdeluxe #photodumptutorial #tiktoktutorials #themuthership

♬ original sound – themuthership tiktok teacher💙

  1. You will need 86 photos for this trend, so you may need to take some extra ones if you don’t have that amount.
  2. To make it easier, organize the photos you want to use in an album.
  3. Once they’re in the album, make sure they’re all formatted for the phone. If you see a photo like the one below, you will need to crop it to make sure it’s “full-screen.” To do so, tap the photo, click edit, and click on the crop button (bottom-right corner). Then touch on the icon on the top right that shows you various options and then select 9:16.
  4. Now that you have your photos, you will need to put this together in CapCut. You can access the CapCut template from the link in my TikTok or go to CapCut, click on templates, and look for Photo Dump Deluxe.
  5. Select the photos you want and select the speed you want them to run.
  6. Click preview; if everything looks good, add to TikTok and post

Once again, here’s my photo dump for 2022.

You can also find inspiration here. I’ve love to see yours if you take on this challenge, so make sure you tag me!

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