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Why Responding to Comments Matters

The comments on your social media posts can be a wonderful place where you can interact with your followers and build a genuine connection with them. Even though there are...
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Which Social Media Platform is Right For You

When it comes to social media platforms, there are a lot to choose from nowadays. It can be overwhelming given all of the possibilities and you may need some help...
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9 Reasons Why You Should Start Using LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn is the web’s leading social media site that focuses on professional connections. With over 740 million members, you would be joining a community that values building your own personal...
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Record a Multiple Character TikTok

Hi, friends, Helen here, your “TikTok teacher” with a new technique to share for those of you who might be already using TikTok, but what to level up a bit...
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8 Tips for Sharing Your Art On Instagram

If you are anything like us, you have always had that drive to be creative and make art, but you might not know how to start. The great thing about...
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10 Tips for Creating Great Cruise Photos for Social Media

As life starts to get back to normal, we know that you may have the travel bug. A cruise is a fantastic way to go on an all-inclusive trip that...
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