Wave Hello to This Fun New TikTok Transition

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Everyone is waving hello to the fun TikTok Hand Wave transition. Similar to my previous tutorials, such as the slide, the door knocking trend, and others, this is all about getting the transition perfect.

If you’ve seen any of my previous tutorials, you know many can be fixed during editing. Not the case with this transition. You may need to record each video a couple of times before you get it right. Trying to edit instead of re-recording will lose the seamlessness you are looking for. As with much of life, you just have patience and try, try again if you don’t get it right the first time.

As I responded to one commenter on my TikTok, “This one is precision crazy but also not that hard.” Okay, here’s how we do it.




Click on this link for the music > @themuthership and be patient you’ll get this I promise!! #tiktoktips #tiktoktutorials #tiktokteacher #handwavetransition #themuthership

♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

  1. Most importantly, make sure you have the right music. Since the tutorial is over 60 seconds, I couldn’t use the trending music. Instead, use the one I link to in the caption.
  2. Decide whether you are just going to change your look or change the scenery. If you are going to stay in the same place, I would recommend using a tripod to ensure the camera is steady and focused in the same place. If you’re going to film the second part somewhere else, you can use your hand, but try to keep it as steady as possible.
  3. Set the timer to four seconds. When the video starts, your goal is to have the hand obscure the screen at the four-second mark, so the transition to the next look appears seamless.
  4. You probably need to re-record. It’s okay! It’s very difficult to get it right on the first time as you can see in my video above. Keep recording until you get it right. It’s worth it!
  5. Change into your other look. Now start the timer again for four seconds. You’ll want to start moving across the screen a little under one second before it will begin recording. As with step 3, you may need to do this a couple of times. The key is to have your hand beginning clip 2 as close to it was in clip 1. If it is slightly off, you may be able to go to adjust clips to trim a little of clip 1 or 2 to create that seamless transition.

And that’s it for the TikTok Hand Wave transition. It may take more time re-recording than other of my tutorials, but it’s well worth it. If you try it out, make sure you tag me in your clip!

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