You Got the Power With This TikTok Snap Transition

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That’s a little 90s joke for you guys. This TikTok Snap Transition is as easy as snapping your fingers. Which is what the transition is: a quick snap, and you can switch your wardrobe, location, or your hairstyle without showing the transition. I show you how to do it below!


Get music: @themuthership Had some audio problems so if you have questions drop them in the comments! #tiktoktutorial #snaptransition #snaptutorial #tiktoktips #tiktoknewbies #themuthership

♬ original sound – themuthership tiktok teacher💙


  1. Grab the audio in the TikTok linked in my tutorial. Doing so will include the Effect you want to use for this transition trend. You will want to listen to it several times to know the exact words you’ll want to lip sync.
  2. Whether you use a tripod or just hold your phone in your hands, ensure you set a timer to 5.7 seconds, which is when you’ll want to do the transition for this music.
  3. It’s important to remember where and when you snap on the first scene so you can do the same for the second scene. Press record and lip sync up until 5.7 seconds, which is when you’re going to snap. Press back to get to the record prompt again.
  4. When you’re ready for the second scene, you need to snap in the same location right as it starts filming. Since you’re lip syncing, unfortunately, this is the sort of video where you need to keep trying to record it perfectly rather than edit it in post. If you do edit, it’s likely to throw off your lip sync. Just record a couple of times until you get it right.

That’s it – here’s my finished TikTok Snap. If you do one, please tag me in the comments! And don’t forget to sign up for my FREE Workshops and the Creative Forecast newsletter!



Easy trend to do right in tiktok!! Tutorial upcoming if you need it ❤️ #cancersurvivor #lymphomasurvivor #platinum #tiktoktransition #transitiontutorial #tiktoktips #themuthership

♬ Originalton – CENKGO



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